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Enjoy a wonderful guided bike tour in Palma de Mallorca and discover the fascinating past and present of a vibrant city in an ecological way. On this tour, you will discover the historical past and the vibrant present of the Majorcan Capital through a tour tailored for you.

What does it include ?: bicycle, helmet, English-speaking guide (request in advance if you need another language), insurance and taxes.

This tour is an invitation to discover Palma as it is today, a city that captures the Mediterranean essence in a wonderful and unique way. Qualified guides will tell you in detail the incredible past of the city, its culture with historical information and stories that will catch you through the carefully designed 13 km that the tour lasts, which covers the old town and the seaside, taking us to the highlights of the city as we pass many other hidden and interesting spots. During the Tour, you will enjoy a break, during which you can ask the guide and answer your questions, take a photo and eat or drink something to continue the journey with a snack. This tour is suitable for all types of people and ages as long as you know how to ride a basic bike. The bikes and our easy route make getting between points safe and enjoyable. Participants must follow the instructions of the guides at all times and be constantly careful not to disturb or endanger pedestrians, cyclists, drivers, shopkeepers ... and always avoid any unjustified risk.

* The tour will take place as long as it covers the minimum number of clients required.

  • 1 botella de agua + EUR €1.00
  • 2 botellas de agua + EUR €2.00
  • 3 botellas de agua + EUR €3.00
  • 4 botellas de agua + EUR €4.00
  • HORA INICIO: 10 AM - Avenida Gabriel Roca 44,
  • HORA INICIO: 15:00 PM - Avenida Gabriel Roca 44,
  • HORA INICIO 15:30 PM - Avenida Gabriel Roca 12,
  • HORA INICIO: 10:30 AM - Avenida Gabriel Roca 12,
  • Location:
    Avenida Gabriel Roca 44 Palma, Illes Balears Spain 07015
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